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Hello! Time is rushing by, that's why I am writing you this note. Did you know that the Creator1 of all things is Love2? He has sent His Son, the Lord Jesus, to the earth3. We crucified Him, He died, but three days later He took His life back4. Men have witnessed these facts5. Wonderful isn't it? Today, He knocks at the door of your heart6. Have you let Him in, or do you reject Him? We all fail in many ways and God calls this sin. A proof of sin is that we have crucified Him knowing that He was innocent7. It is written that to those who receive Him, He gives the right to be the children of God8. I let the Lord Jesus come into my heart and I am the happiest person in the world. To know more about it, contact me, it will be a pleasure to tell you more about what has made me so happy.

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