The Animals

This game quickly becomes hilarious when the group gets into it. You just need to make a list of animals, the cries of which the participants need to imitate and identify. You put down the name of each animal twice and you need half as many animals as there are players – you need an even number of players. If there is an odd number, the game leader can name an assistant or just become a participant. (NOTE : you can prepare a list of animals ahead of time and just ignore the names of the ones you won’t use – see the one provided below). You cut up the list so you just have one animal name on each piece of paper. You then give a folded piece with one animal name to each player. The players do not reveal their animal to anyone else. Once the distribution finished you should have sets of two players, each unknown to each other having the same animal.  At the start signal, all the players converge to the center of the room and start walking about making the sound of the animal on their paper slip. No talking or miming. When one recognizes the sound of his twin animal, the players go and sit down together; they then compare their slip and if it matches they stay there; if they do not match they get back in the group and keep on looking for their counterpart. The game goes on until all the animal pairs are matched. The last two players to sit down are the loosers and will be now asked to mime, with no sound, their animal so the group can identify it too. Each duo must then mime their own animal unless they are too shy in which case the loosing team has to do it for them. If the group is unable to identify the mime, the original team has to step in and try. If they too are unable to have their animal identified the game leader reveals the animal to all. Since this team  was unable to convey their animal, this team now becomes the substitute team for any other team too shy to do their own. The game is over when all the animals have been identified. It is important for the players to NOT reveal their animal to other groups.

Here is a list already prepared (will suffice for up to 52 participants:

LAMB           LAMB

HORSE           HORSE

SHEEP           SHEEP


GOAT           GOAT

PIG           PIG

COW           COW


CALF           CALF




LION           LION

CROW           CROW

DOG           DOG


CAT           CAT

BEAR           BEAR

WOLF           WOLF


OWL           OWL

DUCK           DUCK

HEN           HEN



HYENA           HYENA