The Alphabetical Mimes


Make a list of 26 words.; the first starting with the letter A, the second, with the letter B and so on to Z. In the beginning use simple words. The one to lead the game is usually the one who made the list. No one making a list can play the round where his list is used. The others need to be ignorant of the list of words. Make up teams according to the number of players (maximum 5 or 6 per team). Each team is the assigned a room or location to mime the words. The game leader needs to be placed at approximately the same distance form each team. This is important to not give advantage to one team as it is a speed game. Each team goes to its quarters and selects a starting player and then sends him to the game leader. When everyone is ready the game leader simultaneously reveals, while carefully hiding all the other words, the first word (starting with A) to all the team starters who then rush back to their respective team and mime the word starting with A. No talking is allowed for the one miming . When a team has found the word, they rush one player (other than the one who mimed) to the game leader and he whispers the word into the leader's ear (for example APPLE). If the word is correct, the leader gives the next word (in this case now starting with B) and this players return to his team to mime it, and so on; however, if the word is incorrect then the player returns to his team as the one who mimed it needs to get it straight before the team can progress. Care is needed not to give clues to the other teams. The first team to whisper the Z word correctly into the leaders ear wins. To play the next game just have someone make up another list and have them lead that round themselves. Easy words make for fun rush competitions for all while harder words make for real interesting higher level competitions.